Our aim is to bring you the best yoga retreats in Portugal and Europe

We are special because we focus on you and your experience.  


Chia Retreats are really all about feeling cared for, nourished and part of a big family.   That is our belief, aim and desire for each and everyone of you when you join a Chia Retreat. 


Combining these feelings of wellbeing with uplifting yoga and wellness practice, nourishing food all set in gorgeous, green nature is how we aim to do it. 

Our Team




British born, former London dweller who escaped the city, spent a summer in Portugal and never looked back!

Good food, fine weather,extreme calmness, beautiful scenery, delicious wine and friendly people.



Now I must share all the good bits with you on our retreats.




Born in Portugal, spent 10 years in London. Keen interest in health and environment. Grown up around fresh food in his grandmothers fruit and vegetable shop, which has been in the family since 1926.

Creative, Foodie, Urban cycling enthusiast.

Cozinheiro chefe no trabalho



Products used will always be seasonal and local. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are growing on the property itself and when the season permits they will be picked and used to form and accompany nutritious, colourful and beautiful farm to table meals for your stay.

The food served will be vegetarian and plant-based, catered to your individual dietary needs.

Natasha Kerry.jpg

Natasha Kerry

Yoga Teacher

Natasha and other World Class Teachers and Guides share their knowledge, expertise and experience with guests each year.

We are blessed to also collaborate with Marion Rollings, Sophie Dear, Nikita Akilapa, Nicole Page Croft, Josephine McGrail, Ida May, Caroline Pegna, Tammy Frazer, Cloudia Hill, Adrianna Zaccardi and Zoe Bertali.

Our Story...

Whilst living in London we spent many long weekends away in the wild land of north Portugal, which is where Carlos is from, enjoying the green, spatial and natural scenery.  


We ate local, seasonal foods and returned to London each time calmer, refreshed and renewed. 


Entranced too by the ancient lands and legends of the region we chose an estate amongst the rolling Minho countryside and Granite peaks of the Serra D’Arga to collect, envelope and cocoon this dreamy sense of space, peace and nature into a yoga retreat centre perfect for adventurous spirits like us.

Yoga by the Pool

Our Values

We share our love for nature, good food and living well by offering unique

and relaxed Yoga and Wellness retreats to individuals who crave a break, want to reconnect with themselves in a setting that is peaceful, relaxed, effortlessly chic and with like-minded individuals.